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Billing Terms
  • Monthly Subscriptions: Provides unlimited access to audio/video for one month from the date of purchase. For your convenience, all monthly subscriptions automatically renew each month until cancelled, regardless of usage.
  • Yearly Subscriptions: Provides unlimited access to audio/video for one year from the date of purchase. For your convenience, yearly subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled.
  • Pay-Per-View: One (1) time/single event, non-recurring purchases are available for specific events. Available via the subscription purchase options page for those specific events only.
Customer Service
Cancel/Refund Policy
  • Cancelling your subscription: You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you wish to cancel your monthly or yearly All-Access subscription, you have two options: 1) you may cancel yourself by logging in to your school or conference All-Access player and accessing the YOUR ACCOUNT link in the upper right or 2) by submitting a written request to cancel your subscription by clicking on HELP in any All-Access player and selecting "Ask a Question" where you may submit your cancellation request. Unless cancelled as indicated above, subscription fees will automatically be charged to subscribers on a monthly or annual basis. You may renew a cancelled subscription at any time.
  • Refund policy: CBSSports.com College Network will honor any refund request for unused monthly subscriptions within 5 days of the purchase date or the last renewal billing date and 10 days for yearly subscriptions.
Due to current advancements made during the 2012-13 school year, all sports streamed on RedbirdHD.tv are susceptible to a single-camera stream based off equipment availability. Refunds will not be rewarded to RedbirdHD.tv subscribers due to member dissatisfaction of successful online streams.